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 Greeting Card Tips

Greeting Card Tips

  • Send the real thing!  E-Cards are entirely too common, and rarely show the attention to detail that sending a real card demonstrates.
  • Personalize it!  Never limit yourself to the message that came in the card.  Always add your own personal touch or flair!
  • Never use address labels for the recipient, or metered postage.  Use a stamp and handwrite or type the envelope.
  • When complimenting someone in your card, be specific with them about what it is you like about them.  Don't just say you're a good person, be more specific (example: 'I like having you as a friend because you take a sincere interest in the things that matter to me!').
  • Make sending cards a habit instead of an occasional afterthought. You'll find your relationships will grow as you express yourself to the people that matter to you.
  • Don't wait for special occasions to send a card.  Holidays and birthdays are great, but an unexpected card for no particular reason can have a great impact too!

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